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Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends

Friendship Day 2020: So there is a Vivors today, I am going to inform you about Friendship Day inside this post.  It is celebrated with great pomp in the whole world, it is a celebration of meeting a true brother. Friendship Day 2020

There is a lot of bondage that keeps people together. But a friend is such a power, it shares all the things with his friends. The things we do not get to say to our parents, we say about our friends. Friends is a bond that is unique and powerful. True Friends never wants the bad of his friend. Friendship Day 2020

In this Friendship Day, if you want to send gifts and wishes to your friends, then I have brought some great images inside this post. Whom you can wish your friends. Which your lover will definitely like after seeing this.

Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends

Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends
Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends

What Is Friendship Day 2020?

Do you know what happens on Friendship Day? If not, I am going to give you all the information related to it within this post. So that you will get to know about the importance of friends well. So let's know what is Friendship Day and why it is considered so important.

Friendship Day 2020, Friendship Day 2020,

There is a lot of sorrow and grief in our lives. A human always moves with impunity and impoverishment at every step. In the meantime, we choose a partner to share our sorrow and sorrow. One who shares all our sorrows and sorrows with us and participates in his Karma is called Friends. What we are not able to say to the family and all the members, we tell them very easily with our friends, this is what friendship is.

Friends can never be purchased. It is like an ocean that never talks as much as it talks. These increases love even more. It should never be inconsistent. Friendship is one that our values ​​become enlightened after listening to it. And all the games are over in an instant.

Which is the Friendship Day?

Which is the Friendship Day?

Which is Friendship Day?

The one who makes us work for sorrow and keeps giving us every moment together is called friends. And Friendship Day is coming on Sunday, August 2 before July. In which we give our friends good and hug.

Man is a social animal and in his life, he is bound by a lot of bondage. He has a friend in him. Friendship Day is celebrated to celebrate this friendship as a celebration. In this, their best friends are given a big boost.

In August 1935, the US Congress declared this day an important day. And every year on the first Sunday of August, it was said to follow. Since then it is being followed every year.

The whole country had such a heart to consider this Friendship Day as well as India as well. In this Friendship Day, people meet their friends and pay respect to their friends, with this they also grow a lot of public excitement. This makes friendship even deeper.

Do you know that this Friendship Day is divided into many parts? If you do not know, then I will tell you about it. After this, you will get a piece of good information about it.

  1. National Friendship Day falls on First Sunday every year.

  2. National Friendship Day is on the 1st Sunday in August.

  3. Women's Friendship Day is on the 3rd Sunday in August

  4. International Friendship Month is February

  5. Old Friends, New Friends 1st Week is the 3rd week of May

So you must have known about which day is Friendship Day or when is Women's Friendship Day. So let's go ahead.

Which date is Happy Friendship Day?

Friendship Day was first followed as a celebration in America. Since then, it is being followed as a deep community all over the world. And in India too, people are following it in very high quantities and are also making their friendship even more.

This Friendship Day is followed every year on the first of August, Sunday. In 2020, it is coming on 2 August.

Friendship Day Date: 2 August 2020

Why do we celebrate Friendship Day?

To make our friendship deeper and better, we celebrate Friendship Day. This makes our friendship even more strong and we are never separated.

No matter how much we try to separate, we never separate. Therefore, we honor our friends and believe it with great pomp.

Is 30th July Friendship Day?

It was initially promoted by the greeting playing cards' business, proof from social networking sites reveals a revival of curiosity within the vacation that will have grown with the unfold of the Internet, notably in India, Bangladesh, and Malaysia. Mobile telephones, digital communication, and social media have contributed to popularize the customized.

Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends
Friendship Day 2020 Best Images Wish Your Best Friends

Those who promote the vacation in South Asia attribute the custom of dedicating a day within the honor of pals to have originated within the United States in 1935 however it really dates again to 1919. The change of Friendship Day presents like flowers, playing cards and wrist bands is a well-liked custom on this event.

Friendship Day celebrations happen on totally different dates in several international locations. 30 July as official International Friendship Day. However, some international locations, together with India, rejoice Friendship Day on the primary Sunday of August. In Nepal, Friendship day is well known on 30 July annually. In Oberlin, Ohio, Friendship Day is well known on 9 April annually.

What is a real friend?

Do you know what real friends are? So in this, you will know what real friends are.  Real friends are said to be the ones who support themselves in their bad words and not leave them with them.

One who supports in all his work and asks to quit the bad work. We see the difference between good and bad people, we handle you all the time, we call them real friends. This is true, you must have done it.

What are the types of Friendship Day and what?

When it was announced by America Congress that every year the first Sunday of August would be celebrated as Friendship Day. Then it will be included in National Friendship Day, Women's Friendship Day and Old Friendship Day for the more and first time. People who like it very much.

Friendship Day is divided into different parts along with every country. It falls on 2 August 2020 in India. Apart from India, if we talk about more countries then this.

  • Argentina: 20 July

  • Bolivia: 23 July

  • Brazil: 20 July

  • Colombia: Second Saturday of March

  • Ecuador: 14 July

  • Estonia: 14 February

  • Finland: 14 February

  • India: First Sunday of August

  • Malaysia: First Sunday of August

  • Mexico: 14 July

  • Nepal: 30 July

  • Pakistan: 19 July

  • Spain: 20 July

  • United States: 15 February

  • Uruguay: 20 July

  • Venezuela: 14 July

This trick is followed. It is followed according to every country. Therefore, its date has been fixed according to the country. After which people should not be upset with this. So every country has a different date to congratulate their friends.

Argentina, Brazil, Spain and Uruguay:

These three countries observe their Friendship Day on 20 July. At this time, all new and old friends work together to observe Friendship Day.

Date: 20 July 2020

Argentina considers Friendship Day very important from all over the country. People of this country celebrate it very grandly. Once in 2005, the network line closed because of the post. When the car ki dar was increased throughout the country to wish at the time of Christmas, but this sans ki dar is also being increased in Friendship Day. In order to observe Friendship Day, people book hotels and restaurants before 1 week.

Bangladesh, Malaysia, India, and UAE

In these countries, this Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday in August. That you would know.

Date: 2 August 2020


It is celebrated by Bolivia on 23 July.

Date: 23 July 2020

Ecuador, Mexico, and Venezuela

This day is celebrated on 14 February. Which happens on Valentine's Day.

Date: 14 February 2020

Estonia and Finland

Friendship Day is also celebrated on 14 February in Estonia and Finland.

Date: 14 February 2020


This Friendship Day in Paraguay is celebrated with great pomp on 30 July. People here consider it very important and follow it well. A lot of competition is also done at this time.

Date: 30 July 2020


Since 2009, Peru celebrates "El dia del Amigo" on the primary Saturday in July. This day was proposed by the beer model Pilsen Callao. The goal was to acknowledge true friendship and differentiate its celebration from Valentine's Day

United States

In the same country, it is followed on February 15 under the United States, which first started this sacred bond.

Date: 15 February 2020

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